Project Prep for 11/17/06

For Nov. 17th 2006…

Our final project will consist of your building a small object. Just about anything you wish. Here are the parameters:

  1. you must use each welding skill we've covered. Two joints each of Arc, MIG, and Gas welding.
  2. you must demonstrate the ability to use at least three types of joint: Butt, Lap, T. etc. Take a look in your books for the various types.
  3. You may use up to six (6) feet of metal. You may mix and match the different types we have on hand. Flat stock, angle iron, tubing, etc…

For Nov. 17th, 2006, you will need to bring in a drawing of your planned final project.

  1. Three views please, top, front, side, with measurements.
  2. Label each joint with the type of welding technique you plan to use. (remember, we need two of each. See above.
  3. Label each joint with the type of joint.
  4. Cut list of materials. 

Mig Welding

What is MIG? Metal Inert Gas… Joining metal using an electrical spark via melting metal. Also adding material via the fill wire.

thumb_mig drive1


 thumb_mig drive2  thumb_mig drive3
 thumb_mig wire spool  thumb_mig chart 1  thumb_mig drive diagram
 thumb_mig chart 2  thumb_mig gun1