Shop Drawings for Platforming

After completing the cut list, you’ll want to stack you various sizes of wood in the order that you will lay it out. This reduces the risk of using the wrong length on the wrong side. Notice that the only tools out are the ones that will be used in assembling our frames.

We’ve used a piece of Plywood as our layout table. Along two edges we’ve attached an edge to give a nice 90degree corner. This corner is the factory edge and is one of the few right angles, from the lumber yard, that you can trust.

The two 3/4 ply blocks nailed to the table keep the frames in place while they are glued and stapled. We are using 3/4″ staples to hold down the 1/4″ Luan ply corner blocks. Note the Duo-Fast stapler. This stapler can drive up to a 1 1/2″ staple. Keep in mind that it’s the glue that gives the frame its strength. The staples hold the corner block down until the glue dries.