Steps for Wiring

This page was created by Steven. A Freshman in the Murrow Stage Lighting Class. Thanks for all the hard work Steven!!!

Before following these steps make sure that the power is turned off or the outlet is unplugged (see instructor or teacher to turn off the power). To know if a plug is not working look if it is tied up in a knot. (When a plug is tied up in a knot it means it doesn’twork and it has to be fixed)

  1. Take off socket, use a screwdriver and take off the screws
  2. On the three prongs there are three screws, loosen them with the screw driver
  3. Cut off the wires using a Razor Blade and throw them out
  4. Slit the cover that is covering the wires with a Razor Blade
  5. Strip the three wires with the Wire Stripper until you see three gold metal wires. Match up the size of the wire in the holes of the Wire Stripper (Use the numbers on the Wire Stripper)
  6. Twist the three gold metal wires so they become tight and are easier to fit in the Prongs
  7. Take the green wire and put it in the green colored prong and tighten it with a screwdriver, take the black wire and put it in the gold prong and tighten it with a screwdriver, take the white wire and put it in the silver prong and tighten it with a screwdriver (it does not matter what order you put the wires in but as long as they go in the right prongs)
  8. Put back the socket, use a screwdriver to put back the screws

(To test if you have done this correctly plug in your outlet and ask your teacher or instructor to turn on the power, if it works than you have done it if it does not work then you should go back to the instructions or ask someone)

Tools you need for wiring

 112-1212_img  Tools you need f
 112-1213_img  The socket which includes the three prongs
 112-1216_img  The Wire Stripper
 112-1220_img  Another view of the socket with the three prongs